Precious stones are valuable and rare, pure, homogeneous and transparent varieties of certain minerals and rocks. These stones are characterized by a strong, shiny, showy coloration (or are completely colorless), high durability and hardness. They are used in jewelry, bind to gold, silver and other precious metals.

The most popular precious stone used in jewelry are:

Ruby - is one of the most unique gemstones. It has long symbolized the greatest of treasures - the love, because of that magical image ruby became a favorite of the rich and people in live.

Sapphire - in the past it was the most mysterious of all gems, revered as a 'seal of wisdom'. In old books you will find information about him, as a gem stone of the hidden mystery of wisdom.

Emerald - green, the most valuable variety of beryl. Its name comes from the Latin smaragdus - green. After the diamond, sapphire and ruby or emerald is one of the most enduring materials known to mankind. Mostly we can see it in lightgreen or dark green, rarely grassgreen.

Tanzanite -a unique and very rare gem. Owes its uniqueness to extraordinary color and also to the fact that You can find him in only one place on the globe, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Topaz - it’s name comes from the Greek word topazos - search. Already in antiquity it was one of the most wanted and precious stones. Topaz occur in a variety of color - from yellowish through reddish, light blue, rose-red, to bright green.